October 23, 2011

Fashion For Real - 10/23/11

All the research I've been doing for my next DIY Distraction post has me all spangle-eyed! I couldn't help but wear the most sparkly top in my collection to work last night :D I really wish the lighting in the bathroom was less yellow, but being the cheapskate I am, I'll stick with lightbulbs from the Dollarama.

Handmade sequined/beaded top - vintage (unknown provenance) - $15 @ Northern Bargains in KL
Calvin Klein Jeans - thrifted (~1999)
Black leather Chuck Taylor style non-slip shoes - Shoes For Crews - $55 (2010)

Single brass hoop earring - found on a sidewalk in Sudbury
Chinese brass bangle - $5 at a shop in Sudbury
Black hinged watch - Louis Arden - 2/$10 deal at Ardene in Kirkland Lake

Avon True Color monoshadow in both citrine and turquoise
Avon In a Blink Liner Shadow Pencil in onyx
Sephora colorful mono eyeshadow in aspen summit no. 23

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