October 11, 2011

DIY Distraction: Cut It Out!

The trick with baring skin is knowing when to stop. A glimpse of some sensual curve is a classy way to showcase your femininity. From there, you can go in a LOT of different directions! Heck, you don't even have to bare SKIN, just something underneath the outer layer, like an onion with a window in it. Effective layering (for fashion, not warmth!) relies on the ability to see the progressive layers, and cutouts are a great way to achieve this effect. Today's DIY compilation-of-inspiration:

The Shoulder Cut-Out

DIY Cutout Shoulder Shirt - A Pair and a Spare
Burgundy Cut Out Shirt - Love Aesthetics
DIY Peekaboo Shoulder Buttondown - RunwayDIY
The Crop Chop

Cutting Season - Love Aesthetics
DIY Diagonal Crop Top - Splendid Apparel
Crop Top from an Old Cotton Tee! - Stereoskyline on Chictopia

Party In The Back

Tutorial | Flipped Cream Blouse - Freshly Given
LBD #1: DIY Cut Out Back Minidress - A Pair and a Spare
DIY Cut Out Back Jacket - A Pair and a Spare

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