April 29, 2011

Store Update!

I've got a few more items up on Binary Catfish Meta-Fashion!

A retro Ribkoff yachting outfit:

A zebra with attitude:

And a pair of fantastic cardigan sweaters! One is super-snuggly mohair, and the other is a perfect-for-spring cotton :D

Going to have a few more accessories going up in the days to come!


April 28, 2011

PatternReview Contests - Vintage Pattern 2011 and Knock-Off 2011

I've still got a few days to think about it, but I'm considering entering one or two of May's contests on PatternReview, seeing as how I have a sewing machine at my disposal for a couple weeks. Besides, I love having new clothes, and new clothes for cheap is even better! This way, I can tailor the season's trends to my own tastes and budget.

Spring Fashions I Want to Wear (Part 1)

I think I'm going to start a series to keep me posting more often. Here's some goodies I LOVE and can totally make so I can stop drooling and start strutting :D

April 13, 2011


My very own WEBSITE! Courtesy of Weebly, may I please present:

Binary Catfish Meta-Fashion

YAY! It's small and simple, but hey, I used a free site-builder and made it ALL BY MYSELF!




I finally got some photos taken of my creations that are worthy of a for-sale website, but it was quite the challenge! I can't model and take photos at the same time, and my lovely boyfriend showed surprising non-camera-savvy patience with the whole process. I still have to get my logo finished in digital form, but all I really need is some cute girls to wear my clothes, and other (or the same) cute girls to BUY my clothes :D