March 27, 2011

Spring on a Stick Frock Grosgrain Giveaway

She's done it again!

Spring on a Stick Frock Grosgrain Giveaway

Yet another amazing chunk of creativity :D Dunno how she finds time to do all this awesome sewing with children running all over her house :P I love how she styled it in this post.

March 12, 2011

Gender Perception -> Perception of Self -> Clothing as Perception Filter

Recently, Peter of Male Pattern Boldness wrote about the phenomenon of men who dress as women. As often happens, reading the comments to this particular entry got me thinking of my own experiences, my own psychology, and the extrapolations I can make.

I was often mistaken for a boy. That's not to say I hated clothes! I LOVED clothes and picked my own outfits right from kindergarten. Mother took me second-hand shopping on a regular basis, which was so inexpensive that only my favourite outfits were preserved against rambunctious play. I was in a tree or playing with G.I. Joes more often than I played with Barbies or My Little Ponies, once my brother was old enough to do "cool" things with me. As a 12 yr old girl, I was "one of the boys" and that's the reason I got a mushroom cut; it was cool on boys, so why not! Right up to age 14, most of my friends were boys, or girls who didn't care to be "girly." Then I suddenly found myself saddled with a woman's body... Fascinating at first, but now that I'm nearly 27, it's a bizarre simpatico between comfortable and tiresome!

March 8, 2011

Heel Condoms: Say WHAT?!?!

Many moons ago, I saw this intriguing post on Outsapop.

This is only one image of the work of a knitwear student named Gyu. She does some really interesting things! I'd actually forgotten all about this image until recently, when I was catching up on my fashion reading.