March 8, 2011

Heel Condoms: Say WHAT?!?!

Many moons ago, I saw this intriguing post on Outsapop.

This is only one image of the work of a knitwear student named Gyu. She does some really interesting things! I'd actually forgotten all about this image until recently, when I was catching up on my fashion reading.

Today I read THIS!

That's right. A product called "Heel Condoms." Now, while the idea is intriguing, it's not new. The name is mildly offensive, but is mostly a gimmick I can look beyond. They are interesting and pretty enough that I'd actually probably buy a pair if I saw them at a market stall. What IRKS me, however, is the sheer CHEAPNESS of the product! Yes, they are very inexpensive, but there's a reason! UGH! Not only is each Heel Condom literally condom-like in that the heel-tap is covered and will quickly be destroyed by any actual walking, but the sleeve itself is striated by ugly little elastic gatherings which presumably allow them to fit a variety of stiletto shapes and sizes. Additionally, they are held up at the top by an elastic band that goes over the opening of the shoe and is mashed down into the footbed by your foot.

In my opinion, they ARE quite pretty, and I'm a girl who likes my weird accessories. Would YOU buy these? Or would you, like myself, prefer a better-engineered version before laying down your hard-earned $25? Would you be willing to pay MORE for a better-engineered version? I'm thinking that I would.


A seemingly glowing review containing photos exemplifying the cheap-in-bad-way appearance of Heel Condoms. I can hear Tim Gunn in my head right now: "Enh, they're looking a little... cheap." And someone agrees with me.

Click the photo for super-size. Although I believe the tag visible through the sheer material is obvious enough, it's hard to see the multitude of unsnipped threads and unfinished edges in this small version. Apparently they ARE open at the bottom, because I see a tiny little hem.

Still intrigued by the concept, but disgusted by the execution.

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