November 27, 2011

Fashion For Real - 11/26/11

I really need to change where I take my photos! The light in the kitchen is AWFUL! I dressed up all extra nice for what was supposed to be a super-busy night, and you can hardly tell how smexy I was. Doesn't matter too much, though, because despite multiple business parties going on that night, hardly anyone came to "my" bar for the after-party. It was a truly dismal turn-out. I actually did better on Friday, tips-wise.

Black/grey zebra and lace top - self-made
Black leatherette moto-pants - unknown brand - thrifted for $5
Pleated black leatherette shoe-booties - Fioni - $35 from Payless (2008)

Black cuff watch - Louis Arden @ Ardene's
DKNY mesh-band watch ($6 @ auction)
Silver bangle from Ardene's

Avon lipliner in True Red (discontinued)
Avon Beyond Colour lipstick in Chili (discontinued)

And my hair doodad just because it's cute! A Christmas gift from my hunny's parents.

November 26, 2011

Fashion For Real - 11/25/11

Well, it turns out that I'm flying solo at work, at least for awhile. My compatriot got on the wrong side of the Boss-Man one time too many and was told not to return. Good news for me, because then I'm not competing for sales! YAY! No idea how long this will last, however.

I've made a new outfit, which garnered compliments from both my handsome other half and several of my co-workers. Earlier this week, I picked up a paint-splattered Chaps by Ralph Lauren chambray button-down from the thrift store. FOR FREE!!! Once I was done gushing about how awesomely destroyed it is, the lady at the counter said "Oh, well if it's wrecked, just take it. Don't know why it's out on the floor." I saved a whole $2.

FYI, button-down shirts and button-up shirts are not necessarily the same thing. If you'll look closely, my fab new top has the collar points "buttoned down." I wanted a 40s-inspired look, so I paired it with the only trouser-jeans I own (which created unflattering crotch-shadows in the harsh light of the kitchen, regardless of how elegantly I stood...), and put the front of my hair in a twist. The make-up is very simple with some eyelid contouring and totally classic blue-tinged red lipstick. And no, I did not wear my slippers to work :P

Paint-splattered chambray button-down - Chaps (Ralph Lauren) - FREE, bytches!
Generic dark red long-line tee - Giant Tiger many, many moons ago
Trouser jeans with attachable suspender-straps - Foxy Jeans - $75 from Pantorama (2008)
Asics cross trainers (not shown)

Avon lipliner in True Red (discontinued)
Avon Beyond Colour lipstick in Chili (discontinued)

2 vintage red plastic bangles, one round, one octagonal
DKNY mesh-band watch ($6 @ auction)
Hinged bangle from Ardene

November 11, 2011

Oh, what strange paths I travel...

Have you ever just followed your Wikipedia nose?

From ancient whales to the Tethys sea and the Cimmerian continent and the Cimmerian Plate, to the mountains thrust up by it's impact with Laurasia. I got to wondering about the peoples who live along that boundary zone. Apparently, the Uighur khaganate historically controlled a large portion of it.

This graphic shows the division of peoples at the time, including the Khazar khaganate. Apparently they kicked some major Muslim ass in the Caucasus Mountains and then officially turned to Judaism. They were very tolerant, apparently, because you could practice Islam in their territory if you liked, and you'd be judged according to Sharia if you did something unlawful. Sviatoslav the First, a Varangian (viking!) Rus, was so impressed with their method of dual-king governance that he adopted it after taking over a portion of their lands in Ukraine. Heh, I knew there were vikings in my ethnic history somewhere!

This is exhausting. Why must learning about something so exciting be so exhausting!?!?! I want to keep reading, but I'm getting eyestrain...