November 27, 2011

Fashion For Real - 11/26/11

I really need to change where I take my photos! The light in the kitchen is AWFUL! I dressed up all extra nice for what was supposed to be a super-busy night, and you can hardly tell how smexy I was. Doesn't matter too much, though, because despite multiple business parties going on that night, hardly anyone came to "my" bar for the after-party. It was a truly dismal turn-out. I actually did better on Friday, tips-wise.

Black/grey zebra and lace top - self-made
Black leatherette moto-pants - unknown brand - thrifted for $5
Pleated black leatherette shoe-booties - Fioni - $35 from Payless (2008)

Black cuff watch - Louis Arden @ Ardene's
DKNY mesh-band watch ($6 @ auction)
Silver bangle from Ardene's

Avon lipliner in True Red (discontinued)
Avon Beyond Colour lipstick in Chili (discontinued)

And my hair doodad just because it's cute! A Christmas gift from my hunny's parents.

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