November 4, 2013



I'm a UNICORN! More photos and explications coming soon!

October 22, 2013

Hallowe'en 2013 - Unicorn Remix (Horn & Hoof)

So I never did get photos of my unicorn costume from 2011. My horn fell off my face twice when I smacked it off the under-bar fridge at the bar I was working at, my feet hurt in those makeshift hoof-shoes, and let's face it: I was just not very magical.

So this year I'm doing it right!

No, no, I'm not buying a Firefly Path magical unicorn headpiece, although if I fail YET AGAIN at being a sufficiently magical, whimsical, mythical creature, I just may.

Nope, instead I am going to be the murderous carnivore I am and make a gelatin prosthetic. Let's just say it's not as easy as it is on Face Off. I made a whole mold of my model horn, poured the foamed gelatin and... broke my horn. For the life of me, I could not get out the other half, despite pliers and tweezers and swearing. UGH. At least my "test piece" proves that foamed gelatin is indeed very light. So now I've made an open mold, which I'll pour tomorrow, hopefully remembering to put the flickering LED inside it.

I was super-inspired by the work of Firefly Path, so I decided to add a bit of that element of Asiatic exoticism. I took apart a bunch of dollar store jewellery and combined it with stuff I had lying around to come up with my own unicorn-y Hindi headpiece.

I also found some totally rad booties that I think are very whimsical and magical. Behold! Fahrenheit Felicia-05 in beige! (pix from Urbanog, only black left)


I happened to buy these from Make Me Chic, but that led to an entire complicated can of worms that resulted in a PayPal dispute, and my shoes being shipped express for no extra charge... FROM SWEDEN. Their company runs out of California! No wonder they have issues with getting orders mailed in a timely manner; it's hard to communicate with a warehouse a quarter of the world away! (Although that doesn't excuse their dismal reply time for a customer service complaint) But whatever, my experience may be the exception, and they just might have fired all the incompetent people who made my buying experience with them a living nightmare. I ordered the same shoes from Overstock in the midst of the mess when the MMC package simply showed up with no warning, such as an email saying, "Hey, we're mailing your goodies express, you'll have it on Tuesday." So, now I had to cancel my OS order, which may not happen, because my order is at their international processing facility already. I may have to simply RTS the second pair back to Overstock and wait god knows how long for a refund.

So while I'm here, how about a review of Fahrenheit Felicia-05?

Pardon the dismal quality of the video. The lighting was bad to begin with, and compression by Blogger has made that worse. I hope it's clear that they look DAMN AWESOME, and they're quite easy to walk in, what with being only a 3.5" heel once you remove the platform. Mine do have a troublesome flaw that requires the attention of my local cobbler. The stars are offset slightly, so that the inner edge is higher than the outer edge, leading to heel instability, and the right side is more canted than the left. So Mr. Cobbler will be asked to put rubber wedges into the soles on the inner edges of the stars, which I don't see costing more than $10 or $20, unless he runs into some sort of horrible problem, like they disintegrate.

As for my wardrobe... Ech, I do have a gold blouse, but honestly, I don't want to wear that white dress again, for the third Hallowe'en costume: 70's Bond-girl, angel, unicorn. I'll save it for being Nurse Cratchett, or a polar bear.