April 28, 2011

PatternReview Contests - Vintage Pattern 2011 and Knock-Off 2011

I've still got a few days to think about it, but I'm considering entering one or two of May's contests on PatternReview, seeing as how I have a sewing machine at my disposal for a couple weeks. Besides, I love having new clothes, and new clothes for cheap is even better! This way, I can tailor the season's trends to my own tastes and budget.

The Vintage Pattern 2011 contest stipulates that patterns need to be older than 1968 (before the "new sizing"). I sorted through my burgeoning collection and came up with Vogue 5701 from 1962. I sorted through some fabrics I have stashed away and came up with an ancient bedsheet that might fit the bill. I may use a sand and pink floral bedsheet instead (more trendy), but I'm not sure where's it's hiding, so no photo of it.

A funny thing about this pattern: It's uncut AND factory-folded. If it was re-folded, it was done very expertly. Now, for some bizarre reason, it is worth LESS ($42.52) than if it was cut but complete ($75.00). *Scratch scratch* I don't get it. Good thing I only paid 50 cents for it.

The other contest, Knock-Off Contest 2011, is a little more complicated. I found WAAAAY too many cool things I want to knock-off!!!! Aw crap :P Multiple entries are allowed, but then you end up competing with yourself. It's better to make just one really awesome thing. However, I don't want to make a couture gown, or a tailored jacket, which would "wow" the voters but take an inordinate amount of time and effort to pull off. Plus, I want something I can fit into my daily lifestyle with relative ease.

I have a fantastic bedsheet for a Betsey Johnson knock-off:

I have 4 panels of black and white houndstooth that used to be curtains, but one would be enough for these Forever21 shorts:

Speaking of shorts, these two pairs at TopShop are PHENOMENAL! I know I could recon an old pair of jeans into the sand fringed shorts (I even have brown dye and bleach on hand), and I have a bunch of beige acrylic yarn and some nude spandex to make the crazy wool ruffle shorts.

ASOS has TONS of awesome stuff I know I could make with a couple days of effort. I already made a fringed-shoulder top, but what's another?

I've long loved the patchworky denim idea. I owned the cutest pair of jeans in public school that had slashes up the thighs with a pink floral fabric behind them. These shorts would be pretty easy to do, seeing as how I have so many old jeans sitting around (there's supposed to be a quilt in my future, but not yet, apparently).

Then there's the fact that I have a bunch of leather leftover from my Assassin's Creed 2 project. Just so happens I have a tan top I can use to make a reasonable facsimile of one of these leather-front tops:

So now it's a matter of choosing the design with the highest overall score: easy/timely to execute, fits my lifestyle, visual impact/viewer reaction. The Betsey Johnson skirt and houndstooth shorts are short on visual impact. The crazy wool shorts would take longer than the fringe shorts or patched shorts, and of those the fringe shorts have more visual impact. I don't really have the right materials for the fringe shoulder top, but I DO have what I need for a leather-front top.

Conclusion: I will make fringe shorts and a leather-front top. Self-competition be damned :P

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