October 5, 2011

Assemblage; Statement Necklaces on the Cheap

After discovering arm parties and twisted multi-strand assemblage necklaces earlier this year, I stewed about the aesthetic for quite some time. Well, I finally did it! I've been wearing arm parties on a regular basis for almost 2 months (check out the arm parties on Bloggers Do It Better!), but here are the two (in my opinion) fabulous assemblage necklaces I've worn so far (and an arm party!), made from jewellery I already own. No tools or special jewellery-making stuff required!

Big red bead necklace (thrifted, '80s)
Black w/ red and gold paint splatter necklace (thrifted, '80s)
Chili pepper charm on twisted-link chain (thrifted, pre-'95)

Double-strand faux pearl necklace with rose-motif clasp (thrifted, '50s)
Four-strand faux pearls on "antique bronze" chain necklace (Ardene, <$5)
Sterling and ceramic Victorian-revival brooch (thrifted, provenance unknown)

Mexican brass open bangle, tourist piece (thrifted, provenance unknown)
Double-strand faux pearl open bangle (thrifted, provenance unknown)
Brass bangle made in China (<$5)

See what I meant by cheap? Each assemblage necklace cost less than $15! I was at the Hobby Shoppe downtown today and noticed that the lovely proprietress, Judy, carries strands of faux pearls! It's tempting to get some jewellery supplies (like crimp beads and clasps) and make a few proper assemblage necklaces.

I took a bunch of tutorial photos that turned out like crap, so without further ado, here's some tutorials from around the web:

...love Maegan's Tom Binns necklace
College Fashion DIY Mutli-Chain Necklace
Dana Lorenz on Refinery29
Bead Studio's Twisted Multi-Strand Necklace (opposite forces keep the twist tight!)
Expect to see more of this from me :D

Keep crafty!

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