October 22, 2011

Fashion For Real - 10/22/2001

I love my job! I dance around like an idiot all weekend and ply people with drinks! Plus, I have an excuse to pretty myself up. My nails are looking so nice lately, don't you think?

Hot pink keyhole-back dolman-sleeve tunic - Seduction - $25 @ Sirens (~2007)
Silver Jeans "Kyle" - ~$70 @ Pantorama in Sudbury (~2007)
Black leather Chuck Taylor style non-slip shoes - Shoes For Crews - $55 (2010)

Black/pink/purple stretch bracelet - vintage 80s - $2 @ Salvation Army in Kirkland Lake
Black hinged watch - Louis Arden - 2/$10 deal at Ardene in Kirkland Lake
Silver hinged bangle (minus the matching watch) - 2/$10 deal at Ardene in Sudbury (~2006)
Black wood circle earring (one of two) - 5/$10 deal at Ardene in Sudbury (~2006)
Black metal drop earring (one of two) - vintage 80s - $2 at Value Village in Sudbury (~2006)

Ardene eyeshadow pallette in pastel metallics
Avon In a Blink Liner Shadow Pencil in onyx
Sephora colorful mono eyeshadow in aspen summit no. 23

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