October 10, 2011

DIY Distraction: Skull Cut-Out Tee

In an endeavor to blog daily, here's a cool and easy DIY that just takes patience and a boring old shirt!

Pleasure Principle - Laser Cut Skull - $115

Pleasure Principle makes this gorgeous skull-backed tee (and a plethora of other cool products!), but when you're an aspiring fashionista with a limited budget, ya gotta pick and choose your battles. Buuuut, they use really high quality fabrics, and the laser cutter doesn't pay for itself.

Shop W.A.S. - Cut Out Skull Sweater - $80

Shop W.A.S.'s sweatshirt version has apparently been worn by Chantal of CocoRosa. And it happens to be a more affordable piece. No mention of how this is done on the website, however. If you're into the gothic aesthetic and paganism, you just might like the rest of Shop W.A.S.'s offerings!

Want this look? It's really easy to DIY! With a bit of drawing, a bit of cutting, you have a brand new shirt to wow your (jealous) friends :D

DIY Cutout Skully Tee on CutOut&Keep
Want to get REALLY fancy? Do a more complex design and outline it to keep the holes from turning into runs!

DIY Zadig et Voltaire Cut-Out Skull Tee

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