May 5, 2011

Spring Fashions I Want to Wear (Part 2)

Oh, ModCloth! Why must you tease me so!

I absolutely MUST make a version of this!

Although it's now on sale for half price, it's still $50 USD... I'm not even done my Rodarte-inspired sweater (as seen in Part 1), but I'm already looking at knitting patterns I can alter into a decent facsimile. I'm disappointed with my findings, so I guess I'll just combine a top-down raglan and fudge the cables as I go. Heh, this coming from a woman who doesn't knit :P I like Licorice Whip because there are reference points for the centre-front and centre of the sleeve.

While on the topic of delicious spring fashions, here's a few more drool-worthy items from ModCloth that hit on that ecru-sheer-lace trend:

*sigh* Damn this lack of an infinite closet and a lifestyle worthy of said closet...


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