May 10, 2011

PR Contest - Knock-Off 2011 - Getting Started

I've decided to enter only Pattern Review's Knock-Off 2011 contest so as not to overburden myself. Besides, I have the materials I need for it close at hand. I'm making my version of a leather-front top from ASOS and a pair of fringed shorts from TopShop.

So what do I need to get this ball rolling? A t-shirt, some leather, a pair of jeans, and brown dye!

I'm going to look through my leather stash and see if I have a wider piece. I just grabbed whatever out of the bag for the sake of the photo. That's also not the pair of jeans I'm using! This pair has a hole in the crotch, but again, just the first pair I grabbed for the pic :P

So my plan of attack is to dye both the top and the pants with a weak mixture of the brown dye, plus some onion skins to get the colour a little more to the orange side of things. For the shorts, I'll cut the pants off, slit the side seams open and sew in long pieces from the legs. I'll cut the fringe afterwards. The top will be almost as easy! I need to cut off the hem and neckline, cut a piece out of the front and insert a leather panel. TADAA!

Happy crafting! :D

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