May 9, 2011

DIY Distraction: New Life for Old Pants

I've been wandering around Cut Out & Keep lately, mainly because I want to share tutorials and get some exposure for my webshop, Binary Catfish Meta-Fashion. Sloooooow going on that front! On topic, I happen to have a pile of jeans from both my hunny and his brother. I'd been keeping them to someday recycle them into a big denim quilt, BUT! Wouldn't it be waaaay more fun to refashion them into something wearable and cool???

Like a cropped jacket!

Or a dress!

Or a top!

Or a really unique skirt!

Recycling is stylish! Those are my favourite how-to pages on Cut Out & Keep for jeans, but there are plenty more out there. Got a hole in the crotch? Ripped knees? No worries! There's a tute out there somewhere to help you recon them into something awesome!

You could make a ruffled skirt!

Or a sweet little vest!

Or just vamp up a vest!

Or bring the legs up top to make a sweetheart dress!

Or a classic jeans purse!

Or if you're feeling REALLY ambitious, you could go all urban-nomad and make a wicked maxi-skirt!

Happy Crafting!



  1. Found you via Burda. Great post!!

  2. OMG! Never did i think of so many refashions out of old jeans! It would be really great if you can post few tutorials!