May 15, 2011

Hallowe'en 2011 - Who Wants to be a Sparkly Naked Unicorn?


That's my concept sketch, surrounded by construction notes (as seen on Craftster's H-2011 Costume-Along). There's only six months til Hallowe'en, so I need to make sure I've got all my bases covered with such a unique costume! In this post I'm going to talk about my inspirations and goals.

*CAUTION: Adult content ahead! If you are offended by nudity or adult themes/situations, skip to the next post!*

So I bet you're saying to yourself, "why the heck would someone over the age of 12 want to dress up as a unicorn?" Firstly, I love a challenge! There are aspects of this costume that go waaaay beyond a white fleece single-suit with a horned hood and rainbow yarn-hair. Secondly, why SHOULDN'T I try to recapture the magic of unicorns I experienced as a child? Hallowe'en is an opportunity to suspend reality and let the magical be real. Thirdly, I have the chance to demonstrate that unicorns CAN be sensual and adult in a non-pornographic manner. It's not fair to limit unicorns to either childhood fantasies or sexualized fantasies. This costume can let me celebrate womanhood and sensuality in a non-threatening, yet non-stereotypical way. Ok, so maybe the insecure will be threatened. I'm going to be a sparkly naked unicorn, after all.

Let us settle what my intended vision is NOT. It is not this, though his hand-hooves are adorable:

Nor is it this, except for his magnificent tail which I'd like to copy but have no idea how it was made or attached to his rear:

And it's about as far from these as I can possibly get:

Thankfully the last one is SUPPOSED to be tounge-in-cheek. If she was going for sexualized-image-of-childhood in a serious manner, I'd shudder a little harder.

I'm aiming for something far more majestic and legitimately magical-seeming. These images are more near the mark:

Then there are the westernized versions of the Kirin/Quirin/Qirin/Qi Lin/etc. Terrifying creatures, but very majestic.

That's it for the inspirational awesomeness. My next costuming post will include construction details and accessories I'll need.

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