May 28, 2011

Hallowe'en 2011 - Uni-Horn for My Unicorn (And What Should I Put on My Feet???)

Guess what I'm finally blogging about! A few weeks ago, I messaged Metal Water Studio if I could share their AMAZING Uni-Horn. K Firor said no problemo, and would I like to order it the first week of June? :P

I LOVE how realistic this looks! You can see a slight translucency from the latex shell, and the person who painted it did a GREAT job! I'm pretty firm on wanting a gold colour scheme, I think, and this is already close to what I want. A little brighter and more metallic, but that's about it!

Let's talk about SHOES!

I really like the Ascot from Punitive Shoes. I'd get them in matte white and then paint them to match the horn. The only problem is, of course, the 160 price tag...

I can get similar shoes for only $130 USD that don't have the horseshoes on the bottom, which is just fine. They're leather, too! These also I would get in white or possibly in "gold" or "wheat" coloured leather and then paint them. Still, a little higher than I can afford...

In the same price range at $135 USD, but only available in black leather or black patent, are the really neat looking Femme-12 from Devious. I think these would be slightly easier to walk and dance in than the Ballet series, such as Ballet-18.

The most cost-effective option is to make my own "heel-less" shoes. The real-deal that are designed that way can cost quite a bit, but if I can find the right shoe to butcher and get a hold of the right materials, I can do it fairly cheap. There are LOTS of tutorials out there on modifying shoes or boots into hooves. Here's a great tutorial from Boots, the Pony-Boy. It involves latex and epoxy and is quite labour intensive.

And I could copy ArtSquish's old method of molded latex filled with foam. Her new method is some sort of two-part rubber thing that looks amazing, is heavier, and leaves awesome cloven hoofprints! I doubt I'd be able to copy it, though, and I certainly don't have the $300 she wants to custom make me a pair.

There's also the option of wooden hooves attached to heel-chopped shoes using automotive epoxy. I couldn't find the exact photo I'm thinking of but this page has a shoe done with what seems to be fibreglass epoxy. I'd rather use "Bondo" because it's super easy to sand the pre-mixed stuff (no over-hardening!), unlike fibreglass epoxy which is hard as a rock once cured, unless you didn't use enough hardener, in which case it NEVER cures.

Another option is to make digitigrade legs using two-by-fours with a shoe attached to hold my foot in. It would have to be laceable to keep my foot firmly against the two-by-four. I need my weight on my heel, not my toes, which is what I learned about ballet fetish shoes. Simply search Google or YouTube for making digitigrade legs and you'll see some interesting wood-and-shoe contraptions. This is by far the cheapest option because I have easy access to two-by-fours, furniture foam and plenty of leather to make a foot-holding apparatus.

I'm still looking for pre-loved pony shoes and coming up empty (size 7 in case you have a pair to sell!), so I'll need to make a decision by the end of summer about what style I would make if I can't get what I actually want. QQ Maybe I'll get an awesome job and just buy a pair...

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