August 7, 2011

Must-Have Knitwear

Earlier this year, I posted about some AMAZING spring fashions in lovely beige tones. I'm sooooo in love with Modcloth's Braid New World, now sold out.

It just so happens I found another resource (on Ravelry, no less) that may allow me to actually make a version. Amy King has shared a pattern for a holey cable!

While we're here, how 'bout some buy-able yarn-love? :D

fuzzybazooke on Etsy
LunaPortenia on Etsy
Yokoo on Etsy
DirtyLush on Etsy
Or some DIY goodies!

Anthropologie Inspired Head Wrap on Ravelry
Sideways braid bolero on Ravelry
High waisted knit shorts on A Personal Style Diary
LOOOOOVE the shorts! Her method doesn't have a real crotch piece, however, making the pattern unsuitable for my large derriere. I've already tested this method with a crochet pattern a few months ago and it just doesn't work for me. Going to have to learn short rows for this one!

You can see in this photo how there is a bulge and creases pointing away from her crotch, so even her slim figure needs those short rows. Gosh, she's stylish, though!

And my ultimate favourite yarn-crafter:

Babukatorium on Craftster
Babukatorium on Craftster
Babukatorium on Craftster
Babukatorium on Craftster
She has a Flickr photostream AND and Etsy store! <3

Keep Crafty :D

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