May 28, 2011

Hippie Pants = Epic Fail = Little-Girl Skirt

A couple of years ago, I made these awesome bell-bottoms out of jeans that totally bit the dust at the knees:

I went to a friend's house a couple weeks ago wearing these and wouldn't ya know it, RIIIIIIIIP! There's now a giant split across one butt-cheek! The denim is dying in other places as well, so I'll have to make a pair of shorts to attach the legs to.

I have another pair with ripped knees, and several people have requested a tutorial, so another pair of hippie jeans WAS my plan.

I had these adorable fabrics picked out and ready to rock:

The process is easy, just tedious. Doesn't it look sooooo cute gathered into tiers?

Unfortunately, I made a costly mistake right at the beginning of it all. I had measured the leg opening of the jeans, BUT DIDN'T DOUBLE IT. *facepalm* Because of said mistake, I made the executive decision to save all that work and make a tiered hippie butterfly skirt for a certain 5 year old girl.

She likes bugs :P

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