March 10, 2009

Neo-Victorian and I like it, too!

This isn't the FIRST shirt I made, but it's the first I made for me. Plus I happen to have good pictures that don't involve my stupid mirror. It's square mirror panels glued to the wall in the master bedroom of my rental unit in the corner of the only wall I could fit my huge-ass dresser, so I have kneel on the dresser to take pix of myself. Toddalicious took these photos for me.

Isn't it adorable!??! I used BurdaStyle's Lydia as the base pattern. I cut the semi-circular yoke on the pattern then added in new seam allowances. The puff sleeves are based on this how-to, with the bottom also expanded to take a bottom band. When I gathered them into the armscye, they looked like absolute crap. So I figured out that pleating looks adorable. The totally useless buttons weren't originally gonna be useless. I had tried making a button placket for the shoulder but that didn't work out. I tried a second time and that didn't work out, either. So, there ya have it: totally useless decorative buttons.

I was told the colour doesn't show up too well on some monitors, but it's a really rich and lustrous olive green with white polka-dots. The yoke is my awesome sheer waves fabric, which shows off my fabulous blue bra-strap. Woot.


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