March 9, 2009

Fashion thoughts for the spring and up-coming craftage

Well I been peeking round here and there, trying to get ideas to update my wardrobe on the cheap. I have a few ideas already in progress (grumble grunt RAWR at one that is not working out as planned), and fabrics sitting at the ready.

I think this season I'd like to take advantage of the prevalence of ruffles the last couple seasons, as well as this spring's emphasis on punchy colours, florals, and sheer fabrics.

I have some candy pink cotton with a white and grey floral/fronds print all cleaned and shrunken, ready to become a sleeveless BurdaStyle JJ. I was also going to do a knit-fabric version using the front of a Lakeport Honey Lager t-shirt for the back panel, only there wasn't enough fabric in the XL tee for all 7 panels, AND I forgot to adjust the shoulder of the front panel (which has my knickers in a bunch, as they say across the pond). I still want to make knit blouses in the future, so I gotta find a pattern that has waste darts rather than princess seams.
***EDIT*** AHA! I have found just the pattern I was looking for!

Hmm, not entirely sure what I want to do with the sheer waves-print knit. I think I want a halterish a-line dress with a ruffle at the neckline, nice and loose, and I'll wear shorts and a top, or just a colourful slip under it. I dunno. I have this half-baked notion to dye the fabric mandarin orange... The idea won't go away, so we'll see.

I've also got a girl's polo shirt becoming undies. It say ALOHA across the front with stripes and such. I'm putting that section (button placket and all) on the bum and trimming the waist and leg holes with an ice-blue jersey left over from a shirt.

Oh ya, and the monkeys. Hehe, I really like monkeys! I have a white monkey print knit with bananas and slate blue stars and a near-perfect matching slate blue jersey. Wanna make a tent-dress not unlike the one I bought from Wal-Mart last summer.


For bottoms, I want to make a pair of knit-fabric knee-breeches/culottes/knickerbockers, the kind that are loose through the thighs and are gathered into a band below the knee. Difference is, mine will be gathered AT the knee, with the band right beneath the joint. Any lower and I'll look like I'm 4 feet tall. I saw a great picture of white knit knickers but can't find the darn thing.

I also really really wanna make a pair of sailor-shorts, aka fall-front shorts, like these but I may use the Kasia skirt pattern, which I also hope to make. Might make a pair of trousers, too. It's wierd how it was so "in" last summer in the highest circles, but the whole sailor/yacht-club thing is only percolating down to mainstream for this summer.


On an aside, all these retarded "harem" pants I am seeing (which are actually modeled off salwaar, if I'm not mistaken) really make me want to vomit. VOMIT I SAY!!! What the hell is THIS??? Or THIS??? And THIS??? THESE are worth hundreds of dollars?!?!? I agree with these people when they say this is one fashion experiment the designers can KEEP.

Like, the genie style harem pants I love. I really do. I have a pair I made last year (one season behind, again) out of fuschia spandex-jersey and I love them. Mind you, I wore them in public with my BF and he acted like I'd lost it :P

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