March 10, 2009

Futuristic neo-victorian military shirt... say WHAT?

Well, that's what it is :P Shirt numero deux pour moi is not-kindly referred to as the Starfleet Academy shirt by Toddalicious's brother, although I did kinda "ha-ha" when he said that, so I guess it's ok :P
You see what I mean about Starfleet Academy, now, don't you? :P The second he said it I was like "OMG, you're a bastard, that's exactly what it looks like!" When I posted it to Craftster, someone said it looks very futuristic with those colours, so I guess Todd-Bro isn't the only one who sees Star Trek in it :P

It's got the same adorable pleated sleeves, except with long sleeves attached, and a turtleneck for the collar. The epaulets are piped, which was a pain in the neck, and the buttons are the same darker blue as the thread I used to do all the top-stitching. The grey is a double-knit, which is really really soft and warm! Too bad winter is almost over :(

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