March 8, 2009


Also called pot-holders, hot-pots, hot-pads, and who knows what else. I wanted to write down my methodology for the pot-grabbers I made for Christmas cuz I'm just like that. I used the sew-and-flip method as seen here, via Sew, Mama, Sew! The things I did differently are few, but significant.

Firstly, I bought a strip of that quilted batting that has a silver heat-resistant side in a 10cm/4inch strip, which is the smallest length Fabricland sells anything. It was $34 a metre, I think, so after tax it was a whole 4 bucks or so. Being only 4 inches wide automatically set the size of my pot-grabbers.

Using pre-shrunk quilting cotton (I had bought a bunch of fat-quarters at a dollar each), I made one 4 inch square for the top side, a co-ordinating 4 inch square for the bottom, two 3 inch squares for the thumb/finger pockets plus a 2 by 3 inch strip out of yet another fabric, (that's a total of 3 different fabrics).

The 2x3 gets folded lengthwise in halves, and then each half folded in half, kinda like a bias-binding. That becomes the hangy loop. I stitched mine down the middle to hold the folds.Take the batting stuff and cut it into 4x4s. Put one silver-side down. Then put the "top" fabric face-up (aka printed/good side up) on top of that and pin it in place. Then you need to pin the hangy loop into a corner with the loop pointing to the middle. I machine basted it in place using a teeny 1/4 inch seam-allowance. The little 3x3s get folded into triangles with the wrong sides together and pinned into opposite corners with the fold pointing to the middle. I basted those, too.

Put the "bottom" fabric on top of everything, face-down (aka wrong side up). Pin in place, removing the first set of pins. Then stitch around the whole thing at 1/4 inch seam allowance, leaving about 1.5 inches un-sewn. Cut off the corners on an angle and flip it right-sides out through that hole you left. Hand sew the hole closed.

YAY! Now stick your thumb and fingers in the little pouches and pretend it's a duck puppet.

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