January 14, 2012

DIY Distraction: Tiny Hats

I've always been a hat person. The retro and steampunk trends have led to a resurgence in the wearing of adorable hats, which is something we fashionistas should take advantage of!

If you happen to be even half-way crafty, you can totally make your own cute little hat using one of the many excellent tutorials that fellow hat enthusiasts have put on the web. It can be as easy as a cereal box, some fabric and white glue, and as complicated as a leather full-size chapeau!

See all the yummy tutes after the jump!

Millinery In Miniature - Cynthia Howe - Hat-making tutorials for dolls
Mini top hat patterns and tutorial (multiple sizes!) - Angle at fleecefun.com
Mini Top Hat Tutorial - FetishFaerie on DeviantArt
(Felt) Mini Top Hat Tutorial - Over the Crescent Moon
Steampunk Top Hat - The Vintage Key
Mini Tophat Fascinator - GrowPower on Instructables
Leather Steampunk Top Hat - Jenn Nelson on Instructables
Happy Crafting!

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