January 6, 2012

Inspo: Gluing Sh!t to Other Sh!t

If there's one craft trend I've been cringing at lately, it's the "let's glue sh!t to other sh!t" mentality. Mainly this is because of the over-saturation of the hand-crafted market with "steampunk" jewellery. Gluing gems and a brass octopus stamping from China to the guts of an old watch does-not-steampunk-make. I'd link some photos, but that would just embarrass the creators and make me look like a wanker. To avoid that, yee who doth gluest watch parts to octopi, takest thou thy medicine:


I have seen some examples of LGSTOS that are, simply put, things I COVET! You can see them after the jump:

Serenthia on Craftster
My Salvaged Treasures
The Hive - ArtByWinona on Etsy
Lace Covered Sunglasses - jaesynburke1 on Etsy
Flowers Abloom - TheQuaintrella on Etsy
Assemblage Cuff - FiorellaJewelry on Etsy
Golden Moment - bohemedesigns on Etsy

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