September 27, 2011

After the End-Times: Dirty Chic

The Apocalyptic Fashion Swap is in full swing, and everyone is crafting like mad! It is because of this swap that I discovered an amazing new tool. Whoever invented the online pinboard is a GENIUS! Thanks to Pinterest, I was able to create a fabulous collection of Apocalyptic fashions from ALLLL over the interwebz :D Here's a few beautiful pieces I've collected so far:

This is so bloody chic, I almost died when I saw it. The jacket is fabulous, but the entire look is gasp-worthy. OblivionClothing on Etsy is now one of my fashion-heroes. How to DIY? Haunt the thrift stores until you find a camouflage men's shirt, and refashion it into a bolero. Applique about a dozen yards of gold upholstery trim, eh voila!

This vest by destruction101 on Etsy is the perfect bad-ass topper for a bad-ass Mad Max outfit. This happens to be a beautifully cut and tailored piece underneath all that bleach. If you can find a denim vest that fits you well, you can easily DIY! Some black dye (a strong one, like Procion), a bit of bleach and a bleach-stopper/vinegar, (ALWAYS DO BLEACHING OUTSIDE!!!!) and you got yourself a rockin' "I'm too gritty for dirt" vest.

Speaking of Mad Max, I have long been a fan of Black Orchid Designs on Etsy. Not only is her work AMAZING, but her prices are super reasonable. Oh, and this bytch is CANADIAN, booyah! These two examples require materials and techniques that I don't have ready access to, so for a DIY version, ya'll are on your own!

Although I couldn't find this image on the actual Kotik website, you can see it and others here. Considering I have several thousand bottle caps, I think I'd like to do a DIY version. If I do, you'll be sure to see it here! Must buy 500+ jumprings...

So Three Arrows Leather is trying to sell me the deerskin fringe necklace and feather earring, but this could be a movie still from a chick-flick version of Mad Max: Road Warrior. Found via Cosmic Dust, which is one of the world's best compendia of fashion and culture images. Wanna DIY this look? Get yourself a moto jacket, first of all! A spool of leather lace could be handy for the necklace. Just loop strips of leather onto a longer piece of leather, and then handsew some dome buttons along the edge. There's so many ways to do a feather earring, just Google search it and be inspired!

When the nomad/wanderer trend hit the catwalks for Winter 2010, I was smitten. I still am smitten. I'm slooooowly learning how to combine and layer both garments and accessories to give the impression of collected-over-time opulence; I'm a gypsy of extremely discerning taste, stylishly combining antique, vintage, ethnic, and useful/practical items into a chic assemblage on my body. Or at least, I'd like to be :P I remember seeing a reference for this image at one time or another, and I believe it was Vogue Russia for November 2010. However, I can't find it, so here it is with other super-chic images on Fine Fettle. Wanna DIY this look? Again, haunt the thrifts, but extend the search to your own closet. Get creative with layering pieces you wouldn't ordinarily put together. After all, once society has collapsed, you'll be wearing whatever you can find! It'll take practice to make it look good, yeah?

This is my FAVE piece by Sarah Viscera on Etsy! Her style is such that I bet she's barely out of HS, but there's some MAJOR potential here! How to DIY? Ingredients: one olive green tee, one piece of black mesh OR a black mesh top, scraps of black jersey OR a black top. Take that mesh and rip some holes in it, then layer it onto the front of your olive tee. Do some fun bleaching to your black jersey/tee (OUTSIDE!!!!!), cut it into rectangles and layer those on top of the mesh. TADAAAAA!

As always, KEEP CRAFTY!

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