July 19, 2012

DIY Distraction: Awesome Yarn Things - Crochet and Other Stuff

Do you crochet, or macrame? Perhaps tatting is your thing? Check this stuff out!

Babukatorium is, as far as I'm concerned, THE QUEEN OF CROCHET! That aside, she's also a genius for coming up with these adorable crochet yarn dreads.

Those crazy Russians! Crochet for them is like a weird drug that causes uncontrollable scrumbling. Mizzie Morawez is a case in point. Drool over her Flickr and Gallery.ru, go, go now!

Speaking of Russians, this unattributed Tumblr photo (likely from Vogue Russia), features a crocheted head wrap and arm bands of various yarns. So nomad chic! I wonder how the rest of the editorial looks, but I can't find out because Fashion Gone Rogue is down! AAAAGH!

Macrame is backrame!!! Craftster used that phrase to sum up their 2011 April Fool joke. Anyway, Eleanor Amaroso agrees with the sentiment, but of course she puts her own hardware spin on it by mounting the macrame for this necklace on a black bungee cord.

Feeling REALLY adventurous? Catherine Malandrino's Spring 2011 collection is FULL of macrame and crochet pieces! Those thigh high macrame sandals are particularly drool-worthy.

I've never had tatting bite me quite like this! I actually want to do it, not just remark "hey, that's cool." These needle tatted flowers are adorable and perfect as embellishments for larger projects!

Fringe!!! The 70s never looked so good as they do on this tank dress! Simply add some big yarn fringe to the bottom of any old knit top or dress and you've got an easy-wear item with a lot of personality.

If embroidery is more to your talents and liking, never fear, Rebecca Minkoff is here! (to be knocked off). Donatella of Inspiration and Realization loved the looks from Resort 2013, so she made her own version with thin t-shirt yarn as her "embroidery thread."

Keep Crafty :D

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