February 8, 2011

A Little Boy Grows Up... Into a Sexy Girl :P (Plus: Crop Tops as a Trend)

That cracks me up every time I think about it! I entered Craftster's Challenge 59: Super Ugly to Super Awesome. You can read my entry HERE.


A size 6x boy's tee from the local Salvation Army. It was stuff-a-bag day, so this is one of MANY goodies I brought home that day :D

Crop tops were hot last summer, and considering the continuing strength of 80s looks that the general populace is wearing, I don't doubt we'll continue to see crop tops this year.

Some people hate the look, like Sydne at Think Thru Fashion. Daniel P. Dykes at Fashionising likes the look with reservations. Fashion Online Malaysia and College Candy both urge trend-lovers to wear their crop tops the "right" way (I will note that the College Candy article is definitely cheap in their examples). Brandish discusses the oddity of the trend for men. Elle.com features the look in the Australian Fashion Week Spring 2010-11 trend line-up (technically, everything down-under is a season BEHIND the northern hemisphere, so it corresponds to Spring 2010).

For the link-phobic, some pix from the above links in corresponding sequence.

I really adore the Sara Phillips leather crop top, but those blue-grey satin pants just KILL me! LOL!

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